Lunar New Year - The Year of the Dragon with Hannah Nakawatase

in Feb 27, 2024



Meet Hannah, Founder of CUCCI, a woman owned and operated Cannabis Empowerment Brand

When we first met Hannah, she was painting on a large canvas and told us it was going to be a wedding gift for one of her closest friends. She then proceeded to invite us to her Elevated Boxing Workshop afterwards. CUCCI curates a variety of wellness events, such as elevated boxing, for those interested in exploring their cannabis experience. 

"At CUCCI, we prioritize and highlight women, specifically women of colour, in the cannabis and wellness space. We recognize the disproportionate representation, accessibility, and generational harm the criminalization of cannabis has caused in marginalized communities."

What risks are you taking this year and what projects are you most excited for?

"The biggest thing for me this year is going to be rebranding and relaunching CUCCI. I’m excited to approach the brand from a new perspective and stage in life."

Aligning your authentic self with your work - what are a few things that truly matter to you personally and professionally?

"Two things that matter to me both personally and professionally are supporting friends and local businesses. It has always been a pleasure collaborating with homies and supporting the spaces and talents I look up to in the city."

As an Asian Entrepreneur, what has made you resilient in the past year?

"As an Asian woman and an entrepreneur, I would say that Motherhood has been a challenge for me in the past year. It had been a journey of contradicting feelings, breaking down to rebuild, but ultimately motherhood has brought me peace, joy and resiliency."

You can find Hannah here: Cucci, Instagram

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