Lunar New Year - On Empowerment with Ally Asis

in Feb 27, 2024



Meet Ally Asis, Founder of Cadette Jewelry

Ally designs each piece as a natural extension of the wearer. She is involved in every step of the handmade process from drafting sketches, to using the wax casting approach

"I know innately that my 'why' is to make other feel heard, held and honoured. It's creating wearable art that supports women to feel empowered, strong, and celebrated." 

What risks are you taking this year and what projects are you most excited for?

"I'm moving to a new city for the first time in my life — the beautiful Vancouver, BC. This has definitely sparked all of the emotions and is bittersweet in many ways. But what I focus on daily is the importance of living life to its fullest. I see this as an investment in my continued evolution (as opposed to a risk), because entering this new environment means starting anew where I’m faced with new ideas, challenges, and more, which will all ultimately help me grow as a human being. I’m particularly looking forward to the opportunity of finding and cultivating a sense of community, new connections and friendships, which is paramount. I can’t wait to see the new relationships that will form throughout this new chapter, while giving myself grace and patience as this can also take time."

Aligning your authentic self with your work - what are a few things that truly matter to you personally and professionally?

"What makes me most happy currently is connecting face-to-face with clients and community, feeling a genuine connection and getting to know the folks who drawn to the brand. What also sparks deep joy is being able to tap into my creative well in a new way and feel myself evolving as an artist: Cadette’s latest pivot into engagement rings and bridal jewelry has certainly allowed this to happen, and I’m so excited about all that I’ve been working on; it’s both challenging and inspiring, simultaneously."

Who has been your source of empowerment and inspiration?

"I’ve been endlessly inspired and empowered by all of the women in my life: particularly my mom and sister.

My mom passed at the age of 49 to cancer. And though she physically is no longer with us, I feel her spirit continuously teaching, guiding, inspiring and empowering me. Even more-so as I move deeper into my womanhood and adulthood. One of the greatest gifts she has given me is the empowerment to live each day to its fullest.

Since we lost my mom when she was only 49, my sister naturally became the key maternal figure in my life, as well as my best friend. Witnessing her evolution as both a woman and mother has been a tremendously empowering experience. Most notably I’ve been able to watch, up close, as she has navigated the journey of motherhood. I am continuously inspired by the strength and resilience she has displayed whilst being a Mother to two beautiful children who are jovial and loving."

You can find Ally here: Cadette Jewelry; Instagram


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