Our Story


The Concept:  

We believe working out and looking good should be accessible and affordable. Our inspiration is the modern, on-the-go woman; thus came to fruition athleisurewear pieces that can be worn from working out to going out. The factory we work with commits to high-quality production designed to make exceptional  essentials under one building. We have no other suppliers or distributors and so we can sell premium staples to you at honest prices.


Production and Manufacturing: 

Our factory is located in Wuxi, just a 40 minute train ride away from Shanghai. Our factory has experience working with other high-end athletic and sports wear brands, and they’ve helped us build our vision from the beginning. Our close-knit relationship ensures a seamless process, which provides you with the best products without the inefficiencies and extra costs

The traditional mark up on athletic wear can be 5 to 10 times the amount of the original cost per unit, especially when produced overseas. We believe in keeping the same quality of product without having to break the bank. Our markup is less than half of the traditional. Our goal is to be able to provide timeless pieces that are easy to wear and easy to style.