Women's Day

in Mar 8, 2024

Empowered women empower women - we invited six incredible entrepreneurs in our community in a fun conversation to celebrate Women's Day this year. They are some of the most creative and strong women we know!

Monika Mman - MMAN Candles

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: Being disregarded as a business owner. Sometimes people will acknowledge what I have built and created, but I don't feel truly recognized a businesswoman.
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: Community. The network, friendships, and support that has been fostered through this journey has been one of the most incredible experiences I'm thankful for everyday. There are some inspiring women doing the damn thing out there.
Your biggest cheerleader: The large support system behind me of both family and chosen family that help me believe in myself and what I'm doing everyday. Imposter syndrome is very challenging when running a business, and I'm thankful to the women in my life who push me through and remind me who the hell I am!
Where to find Monika? https://www.mmann.co/, instagram

Ksenia Kaz - Eleventh Vintage, 1011 Archive

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: Being taken seriously in the entrepreneurial space! I am competing with a lot of men in the same vintage clothing market.
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: Being an entrepreneur in the styling space and vintage fashion industry, we create our own incredible networking opportunities. I've been fortunate enough to build a great community of supportive women!
Your biggest cheerleader: I am lucky to have too many to pick one, but Jenna Labiak, owner of the Silk Labs, has been a rock since day one of my entrepreneurial path.
Where to find Ksenia? Eleventh Vintage1011 Archive

Rachel Joanis - Rachel Joanis Illustrations

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: My biggest challenge is continually wrestling with self-doubt. It's a process that requires self-assurance, and cultivating a mindset of confidence and resilience to push past those barriers.
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: The incredible community of fellow female creatives and entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to meet. I feel fortunate to have found an amazing network of supportive, kind, and inspiring women who continuously uplift and motivate me. There’s such a sense of of camaraderie and support among women in entrepreneurship.
Your biggest cheerleader: Besides other fellow creatives and friends, I have to say my husband. He's been championing me and my career since the beginning, and given me the confidence to share my work when I didn't always have it.
Where to find Rachel? Rachel Joanis Illustrations, Instagram

Vanessa Diab Freedom Jars

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: Having to harness my masculinity in a business world that still runs pretty masculine. I'm very nurturing by nature, and I just want to help everyone around me. But being a business owner, I realized that this is not entirely possible, and I've had to make some tough decisions in order to protect my work and my energy. Through these challenges, I have changed my view on money. I have realized that money is a resource for me to use, in order to create the impact that I want in the world.
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: Being unapologetic about every aspect of being a businesswoman! If I happen to be on my flow one day, and I need to rest instead of work, I'm going to do that and honour myself in the process. A women's daily challenges are different from men, and it's time we start speaking up about them. I also love having a community of other female entrepreneurs who have a similar purpose to mine - taking their talents and helping those around them live better lives.
Your biggest cheerleader: My mother. I'm so grateful for her unwavering support.
Where to find Vanessa? Freedom Jars, Instagram 

Caroline Peters - OHA Wellness

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: Gender bias and imposter syndome. 
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: The first is being able to create meaningful impact - I prioritize making a positive impact on our community and anyone who walks into our space. The second is having the ability to be flexible; as a business owner, I've learned trust my intuition and make decisions that align with my values.
Your biggest cheerleader: My team at OHA and my husband. 
Where to find Caroline? OHA Wellness, Instagram

Kennedy Sherwood - Knead It Baked

A challenge you face being a female entrepreneur: Imposter syndrome is a huge challenge. Being a female entrepreneur, these feelings are even more pronounced. It's crucial to celebrate every success, no matter how small and to consistently remind myself of my strengths and accomplishments to combat those moments of doubt.
The best thing about being a female entrepreneur: Undoubtedly being my own boss. The autonomy and independence that come with running my own venture allow me to chart my own course and make decisions that align with my vision and values. Experimenting with new recipes or setting flexible work hours fosters a sense of fulfillment and ownership but also provides me with the opportunity to showcase my creativity, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit on a daily basis. 
Your biggest cheerleader: My sister is one of my biggest supporters. From providing emotional support to actively helping with tasks (like packaging orders or brainstorming new recipes), she's been there every step of the way. Her willingness to support and genuine excitement for my successes reinforces my determination to pursue my passion for baking.
Where to find Kennedy? Knead It Baked, Instagram

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