Lunar New Year - On Resilience with Ashley Tse

in Feb 26, 2024





Meet Ashley Tse - Co-Founder of Goji Studio, a supper club and ceramics studio. 

When we first met Ash, we were not only inspired by her artistic talents, but also her eagerness to connect and support local creators in her surrounding space. 

"Goji is always about us expressing ourselves and one day it can be a creative space for other as well." 

The name "Goji Studio" is derived from Goji berries, used in Asia for health benefits like longevity and stamina. Ash's and Ken's (her partner), visions for the studio are just that - to build a space that is good for the mind and soul. 

What risks are you taking this year and what new projects are you excited for?

"This year, I want to try things that are challenging and outside the scope of my skillset; Aside from ceramics, I'll be painting a mural for a restaurant which I've always wanted to do!"

Aligning your authentic self with your work — what are a few things that truly matter to you personally and professionally ? 

"I think it's important to be honest and to be honest, you'll need to be fearless. I've made excuses in the past to not do something because I was afraid that the end result won't be what I imagines, but I realized how limiting that is to my growth."

As an Asian Entrepreneur, what has made you resilient and what has been a challenge for you in the past year?

"I think it's hard not to compare yourself to others. I see other ceramicists or artists working on amazing projects with brands and that leaves me wondering where I'm lacking. This emotionally cripples me, so rather than watching what others are doing, I'm keeping my head down and focus on what I do have and remember that I'm currently living my dream life."


You can find Ash here: Goji Studio; Instagram


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