Lunar New Year - On Inclusion with Carman Chan

in Feb 26, 2024



Meet Carman Chan, a Pilates and Movement Facilitator based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Taking your first class with Carman is a magical experience - she offers more ease, softness, and rest; she encourages you to make choices that feel supportive in the moment.

"I believe in softness as strength and moving with integrity." 

What risks are you taking this year and what projects are you most excited for?

"This year, I’ve decided to take charge in combatting my inner imposter syndrome when it comes to my career. From co-creating a brand new virtual community (HOME WORK) alongside my pals at Good Space, to opening up my own home reformer Pilates studio, I am choosing to move with faith and confidence, reminding myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be."

Why is it imperative to have diversity in the wellness space?

"It's important because it affirms that we DO deserve access to wellness, and we DO belong here. I'm grateful to be a co-manager at Good Space alongside Tash Francesca, because our voices and experiences get to be woven into the fabric of our studio practices and offerings. My hope is that when I show up authentically as myself, other folks that look like me can feel seen and safe enough to also show up authentically as themselves, too. Diversity in the wellness space just is a first step to opening the door for more inclusivity and belonging."

As an Asian Entrepreneur, what has made you resilient and what has been a challenge for you in the past year?

"I used to think that being resilient was being able to withstand anything and everything without the blink of an eye; to show no signs of weakness. This is what I saw and learned from the women in my family, who have experienced unimaginable personal challenges, yet somehow they were still able to continue forwards. Now I see that being resilient is much more than what meets the eye; it’s being able to show up more honestly, to acknowledge and share with your people when things are challenging, and to be able to lean into the network of support and tools you’ve intentionally surrounded yourself with — for me, this is movement, community, and rest. When I allow myself to fully experience the cycle of hardship, I am able to actually support myself from the inside out and at a pace that feels authentic and sustainable to me."

You can find Carman here: Carman Chan; Instagram

Or catch her teaching at one of these studios in Toronto: Good Space, Fine Tune Pilates, Muse Movement, and Nice Day Pilates. 

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